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Budoni is a well-known tourist destination in Sardinia, a charming little town surrounded by green hills, long white sandy shores and a wonderful turquoise sea, all of which acts as a backdrop to the history and local traditions of this part of the island.

Among the wonders of the area is Cala Ottiolu, that stands close to the renowned tourist harbor, Porto Ottiolu is well known for the bright colors of the sea. This fascinating little port is famous for being a good sailing point to reach the Marine Park of Tavolara and other beautiful attractions, where water sport enthusiasts can visit historical artifacts, sunken ships and admire several marine species.

In addition to the numerous bays, Budoni is surrounded by more than 20 small villages, that were found during the Bronze age and then conquered by the Romans. The little Romanesque churches, that were spread out over the surrounding area, are symbols of the culture and the long history of Sardinia. Among them, the most well known is surely Agrustos, called during the Roman age “Augustus Populus” and inhabited mainly by farmers and shepherds. Today Agrustos is appreciated for the untamed nature and the several tourist services and activities that can be found on site.


Cala Ginepro Beach (Orosei)


The bay whose scenery changes depending on the weather and the season

Baia Sant’Anna is the ideal destination for anyone who loves fishing, snorkeling and diving, who can explore here a fascinating rocky seabed and several reefs, where it is possible to see countless marine species of extraordinary beauty, such as morey eels, starfish and octopi. The old abandoned dock is a must-see, here the atmosphere is without equal. This place is so beautiful that looks like a pictured postcard. Depending on the time, the weather and the season, the colors of the sky that reflect on the rocks and the sea make this place look stunningly beautiful and unique.

8km | 8 minutes by car


Bidderosa Oasis


A little gem of white sand that meets the turquoise see of the Gulf

La Caletta belongs to the municipality of Siniscola. It’s a long wide beach that starts from the small village la Caletta and stretches up to Su Graneri pond. The beach is well known for being 5 km long, made of soft white sand, for the blue sea and the lush pine forest. Here the wind blows very often and for this reason la Caletta became over the years a beloved destination by surfers and water sport enthusiasts. With a pleasant walk it is possible to reach the toursit harbor, where you can find plenty of restaurants, ice-cream parlours and souvenir shops. The dock is the starting point for all the tours along the Gulf of Orosei. A visit to San Giovanni Tower is highly recommended.

14km | 15 minutes by car


Chiese di Orosei


The little gem in the Mediterranean sea, halfway from Gallura and Baronia

San Teodoro is a tourist town and one of the most well known of Sardinia. It stands at the foot of the mount called Monte Nieddu. The municipality of San Teodoro became more and more important for the perfect balance between nature and comfort and of course, for the blue color of the sea. The are many reasons why you should visit San Teodoro: the beautiful landscape with unique colors, the relaxed and joyful atmosphere, the exciting night-outs in the city center, and last but not least, the gastronomic tradition, where traditional flavors are mixed with fresh and natural food and the result is unique excellent dishes.

16km | 14 minutes by car




An old family tradition of pottery making

Halfway between Siniscola and La Caletta you will find, surrounded by the countryside, the Terra Sarde pottery workshop, that was found by the Deiana family more than 5 generations ago. In this place, where the atmosphere is familial you find yourself surrounded by items with vintage charm. Here, the craftsmen mold clay by hand, carefully following a process, that has been handed down from one generation to the other. Once all the stages of the creation of a clay vase are completed, the craftsman goes ahead with the decoration using colors and symbols related to the Sardinian culture and tradition.

17km | 14 minutes by car


Monte Tuttavista


A small town to explore: ancient history and white beaches

Santa Lucia is a small village that belongs to the town of Siniscola. It was founded by fishermen on the southern side of La Caletta. The beach is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and it slopes gently thanks to the wind that very often blows in this area. The crystal-clear waves created by the current are perfect for surfers and water sport enthusiasts. An aragonese tower rises from this enchanting scenery. It was built during the XVII century to protect the area from the several attacks of the Saracen population, who due to the lack of natural barriers could easily reach the shores and steal from the locals.

21km | 25 minutes by car



A recommended stop for snorkeling, diving and hiking enthusiasts

The two islands of Tavolara e Molara are part of the Marine Protected Area that goes from Capo Cesareo, in the South of Olbia, to Punta s’Isuledda, in the South of San Teodoro. Tavolara limestone massif stands out from the landscape. It is more than 500 m tall and 6 km long. The great importance of the biodiversity that can be found here, the paramount role played by he Neptune grass in the preservation of the eco-system, the cliffs overhanging the sea, the caves and the beaches make this place very attractive to snorkeling, diving and hiking enthusiasts.

28km | 25 minutes by car
(+15 minutes by boat from Porto San Paolo)